Xiong di xiang (兄弟香 brothers)

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Brothers is one of the phoenix Dancong  of Zhi lan  fragrance. The origin of the name "Brothers" was decades ago. At that time, the administrator will plant two Dancong  of tea with similar leaves in the upper and lower borders. The final tea with excellent quality is appreciated by everyone. Because the tea is made from the fresh leaves of two single tea trees with similar leaf shapes, it is called the brother.

The brothers, belonging to the sexually grown old bush, were planted by the ancestors of humanistic evolution. The trees are more than 200 years old. The original two trees (one of them has died).  The mother tree is located in Lizping Village in Phoneix moutian  1050 meters above sea level.The clones of the brothers tea plant have a certain planting area, which is mainly distributed in the Phoenix  Moutian Tea Area.