Join Our Tea Club!

Wuyi Origin is happy to announce our new monthly Tea Club!

The purpose of our club is to educate our clients in the wide variety of handmade oolongs and black teas lovingly produced by our families. For $35.00 per month, tea club members will receive 50 grams worth of tea with free worldwide shipping included.

Our goal is to make the club educational and enjoyable and to share with you exclusive teas, comparison tastings, i.e. Zhengyan vs. Banyan or Maocha vs. finished roasted tea, as well as some exclusive teas and small batch competition teas not available on our site. There will also be discounts for club members on featured teas and special promotions.

There is no long term commitment and you are free to join or cancel your subscription at any time. We aim for the shipments will be sent on the 15th of each month, beginning 28th March 2019.