About Us

Chen Xueyin "Cindy"Wuyi Origin was created by me and my husband Mr. Zhou. My family has been making tea in the Wuyishan area for generations, and I started taking care of the business since 2008 with my own tea garden and factory. My husband is from the Raoping county of Chaozhou, whose family has a history of making Phoenix Dan Cong. Tea brought us together, and we got married in 2013. Ever since then, we've been living in Wuyishan with our daughter Emma.

Our goal in creating this company is to sell our tea wholesale to tea shop owners and retail to personal tea drinkers all over the world, to share the experience of these special teas, and to help make better quality and safer teas available to more people.

Currently we only sell teas processed by ourselves, so we know the background of our teas from the ground to leaf to cup. The world of tea is endless, and we hope to share and learn together with tea lovers like you.

- Cindy Chen