We produce tea in Wuyishan city, our warehouse is in Wuyishan city.

In order for the courier to deliver your package better, be sure to fill in your detailed address and phone number when placing an order, because courier companies in many countries require a phone number when sending.   I will never distribute this information others the courier company

The courier company we cooperate with for national parcels can reach the world in 1-3 weeks, but some countries may take 4 weeks. China domestic order will take under 5 working days

Under normal circumstances, when we receive your order, we will ship it to you within 48 hours. As soon as we ship it, we will send you a tracking number. But during Chinese festivals, such as the Spring Festival, and during the tea production season, delivery may also be delayed.

In any case, you can contact us at any time for your shipping status

Customs Clearance:

Please include all necessary information to declare for your country. If a package is detained by the customs and is not allowed to enter your country, we will not be responsible.