Xing ren xiang (Almond fragrance)杏仁香2021

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Location: Wudong village of the Phoenix Moutain about 1200m

Harvest date: 2021.3.30th

Cultivar : Xing ren xiang ( Almond  fragrance)

Age of bush :over than 60 years old

Roasting level :  this is only 1time roast ,the fire degree is 100 C and we roasted this tea for 36 hours ,and each one hour we do the turn over the tea , the roast is very thorough  ,the tea i

Feature: Another name  of Xing ren xiang  is Ju duo zhai 剧朵仔,at the two side of edge of leaves there are Sawthooth , the leave of this cultivar is very small ,we also call it as  little shrimp , This almond fragrance was picked out in a tea garden. Eight very old almond fragrance tea trees were selected, and finally processed into 12 kg of final tea which was baked with traditional charcoal. The tea leaves were thoroughly baked without any green flavor, and the tea soup was golden and oily, full of taste, thick and obvious cong wei ( some kind of woody ,and natural aroma ).

No matter how long you sit the tea into the gaiwan , there is no bitterness, and it could endure many infusion ,at least 13infusions,


in my daily life ,we used gaiwan(100-110ml) and put 7-8g .using boiled water to make it .