Song zhong (宋种) 2023
Song zhong (宋种) 2023
Song zhong (宋种) 2023
Song zhong (宋种) 2023
Song zhong (宋种) 2023

Song zhong (宋种) 2023

Size 25gRefill bag

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location :Li zai ping 李子坪village  of  Phoenix moutian 

Harvest date : 2023.April.20th

Cultivar : Song zhong 

Roaste: 2times Roaste 

              the 1st time roast  on :  20th June

              the 2nd time roast on : .24th August


Feature : 

   This Song zhong is  the offspring of asexual reproduction of the mother tree Songzhong No. 1. It grows at an altitude of about 1150 meters in Lizaiping Village, and the tree is about 80 years old.

The leaves are huge, the tea sticks are long and tight, the soup is clear and bright yellow, and the cup cover  have a long and elegant floral fragrance like pomelo, fresh and refreshing. The tea soup in the mouth is light and lively, the sweet water is prominent, it is soft and pure, and it is beautiful and pleasant. However, the throat cavity is sweet and clear, and the mountain yun  is continuous.


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