Shui xian (Narcissus) 2020 (hua xiang 花香)

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Location:   Tian Xin yan (天心岩)
Harvest date:  2020.5.4th
Baking level:   medium roast (3times roast )
Feature: Since ancient times to present , Shuixian is like a house keeper tea in every tea family. It is famous for its mellow soup and it's suitability for aging. After some years of keeping, its soup can be like rice water, sticky and mellow. The age of this shuixian garden is about 60 years old and so its with Cong wei (枞味) with the taste of fresh Bamboo leaves and some moss

For this Shuixian, we would like to call it as gaocong shuixian (高枞 水仙). It is older than ordinary shuixian  bushes but younger than Laocong shuixian, the age of these bushes is about 40 years old. You can get some woody  feel in the tea and the soup is quite deep and smooth.