Rougui -fruity 2020
Rougui -fruity 2020
Rougui -fruity 2020
Rougui -fruity 2020

Rougui -fruity 2020

Size 25g

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Location: Ma tou yan (马头岩)
Harvest: 2020.5.5th
Roasting level: Medium Roasting ( 3 times charcoal fire roasting )

                         the first time : 18th of June

                         the second time : 22th of July 

                         the thrid time :   24th of August 


About Ma tou yan terrace:

The Wuyi Mountain Matouyan, named after the rock resembling a horse head, has an altitude of 425 meters and a relative height of 83 meters. The soil in the Matouyan area contains a lot of sand and gravel, the soil layer is thick but loose, with good air permeability, which is conducive to drainage, and the rock valleys are steep and open on the rock hills. The summer sunshine is moderate, the cold wind is blocked in winter, and the valley bottom seepage trickle. , The surrounding vegetation is better, forming the necessary soil power for the unique Zhengyan tea. Matouyan has always been famous for cinnamon. The unique landform has created a sharp cinnamon aroma and a smooth and sweet taste. Today's Matouyan has become one of the important representatives of Wuyi cinnamon.



Cinnamon, as a Wuyi rock tea with strong aroma, mellow taste and obvious variety characteristics, has always been sought after by a large number of tea lovers, and Matouyan cinnamon, which is known as "scent is easy to produce, but taste is difficult to find", is because of its subtle The unique regional flavor enjoys a high evaluation among rock tea lovers. In order to preserve the taste characteristics of Matouyan cinnamon, we took great pains, not only to preserve its most representative cinnamon aroma, but also to let this aroma blend into the tea soup perfectly. I can't say that it is a perfect tea. , But I believe it is a high -quality cinnamon tea, the perfect fusion of fragrance and water

In addition to the flavor characteristics of rock tea, this cinnamon is popular with people for its sharp and long-lasting high-variety fragrance. The cinnamon scent of cinnamon is obvious. The scent is especially preserved for a long time, and there is still a lingering scent after 5.6 times of brewing; the mouth is mellow and sweet, and the cheeks are scented after swallowing; the soup is orange-yellow and clear, the bottom of the leaves is bright yellow, the red spots are bright, and the green leaves are red soil Edge-shaped; the strips are even, tightly curly, brown-green in color, oily and shiny, and some leaves have small white spots on the back of the leaves.
After six or seven brews, the cinnamon scent of "rock rhyme" is still present.