Rou Gui 肉桂 2022


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Location: Qing shi yan (青狮岩)

Harvest: 2022.May.3rd

Cultivar:Rou gui 

Roasting level: Medium Roasting ( 3 times charcoal fire roasting )

  Feature :

 This cinnamon is in Qingshiyan Zhengyan Mountain Farm, and the tea garden is on the flat ground. The sunshine shines from morning till night, and there is plenty of sunshine time. The unique growth environment makes this cinnamon have a very direct and sharp cinnamo.The first infusion  is full of fragrance. Cinnamon aroma is flamboyant, strong and lasting. Cinnamon fragrance always exists from beginning to the end, and there is no  any fertilizer and pesticide using  in this tea garden 

Medium charcoal roasting , stewed this tea has ripe fruit flavor, its tea soup is fragrant and pure, and its taste is mellow, thick and sweet.

  The raw fresh leaves is from Qingshiyan garden ,This is  Zhengyan Farm in WuYi National Garden Park .  

As for brewing, we get used to brewing Wuolong with boiling water. No matter how long you steep your tea , it does not have any bitter feeling.  This is the tea  which has no requirements for tea ware and brewing technology. Neither bitter nor astringent,

  This is a very standard   cinnamon with "spicy " and "ripe fruit" fragrance.