Qi Dan  (奇丹)2021
Qi Dan  (奇丹)2021

Qi Dan (奇丹)2021

尺寸 25g Refill bag

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Location : Qing Shi Yan (青狮岩)

Harvest date: 2021.5. 10th  (Qi dan is a late cultivar)

roasting level : 3times roasting   (medium roasting style )

Feature :

Qidan is the clonal reproduction of Mother Tree No. 2, which is the real biological sense of Dahongpao. Although different growth environments will affect the performance of tea plant traits and thus the quality of finished tea, theoretically, there is no problem of inheritance and variation in asexual reproduction, and Qidan can maintain all the characteristics of maternal parent. In 2012, Qidan tea tree was identified as pure red robe through the certification of tea varieties in Fujian Province.So now in Wuyishan we also call Qidan as "Pure dahongpao "in chinese "纯种大红袍“”

 The shape is curved, dark brown or dark green. The ropes are tight, compact, clear and bright. The fragrance is floral and fruity, while the fragrance is strong and long, while the fragrance is clear and distant. It may be like peach, orchid, osmanthus, frankincense and so on. The taste is mellow, smooth and refreshing, with a unique "rock rhyme". The bottom of the leaf is soft and bright, with green and red edges, or with red dots on its margins.