Old bush Shuixian (老枞水仙) 2020

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Location: Hui yuankeng  Tian jiao 慧苑天角 

Harvest time: 2020.May

Baking level : 3times roasting ,medium roasting

Age of tea bush :around 80 years old 


 Hui yuan keng is very typical location among other zheng yan gardens ,the garden is surrounded by the huge Rock , the soil of the lands with numerous minerals .The tea land is very loose ,very good for the tea garden air and water circulation . 

in the first infusion there was a very quiet and soft orchid fragrance and milk fragrance. The woody feel is very obvious, the tea soup is very viscous and oily, and the silk is thick. The tea is sweet, durable and very resistant to foaming, and there is no watery taste even after 15 infusions. It has been suggested that you can use a teapot to cooking it after 15infusions .The sweetness is very strong.