mei zhan 梅占 2021
mei zhan 梅占 2021
mei zhan 梅占 2021

mei zhan 梅占 2021

Size 25g Refill bag

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Location:  Lian hua peak  莲花峰( In the Wuyishan Nature Reserve)

Harvest date: 2021.May.3rd

Baking level: Medium roasting (two times roast )


Meizhan, a clonal variety, originated in Lutian(芦田), Anxi county(the origin place of Tie guanyin oolong). It has been cultivated for more than 100 years and was recognized as a national variety in 1985. It was introduced into Wuyishan around the late Qing Dynasty.

Dry tea: thick and even, with dark brown color and good clarity.

Soup color: orange, slightly dark, clear and bright.

Wet leaf: yellow and brown in color, even, thick, soft and active.

Aroma: Chimonanthus praecox, plum, sandalwood and wood are fragrant and long. Taste: mellow, moist and soft. The taste is delicate and bony, 


The 1-2 infusion :plum fragrance and wintersweet fragrance, which is fresh, sharp and elegant, and sweet and sweet.

The 3rd-6th road, the sweet smell of plum blossoms began to appear, and the entrance was combined with very clean earthy feel . The taste is mellow, soft, sweet and full, with obvious characteristics of woody fragrance and plum fragrance. Fragrance are   lasting and strong, quiet and pleasant.