lapsang souchong 2020

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Harvest date: 2020 ,April 25th 

Location :feng shuiguang(风水光)

Cultivar :wuyi qizhong 

Fengshui guang in Wuyishan is the junction of Fujian Province and Jiangxi Province. In ancient Wuyishan tea horse road, Fengshui guang is also a very important post. The altitude is about 1000 meters, surrounded by clouds all the year round. Because most of the farmers here don't have a fixed tea garden. Many tea trees grew naturally on the ridge of their own fields before. There is no tea garden. Every year is a little bit of output, so they mainly sell tea leaves. Most of the families have no processing machinery and equipment. This year, I bought some green leaves from my classmate Lin Lang's family and then processed them. Most of the tea trees are about 80 years old, but because of the drought, the strip of tea is small, but the smell of dry tea can have a very obvious wooden taste. The tea soup is very clear, sticky and sweet. Although they are all the same varieties, they are different from tongmuguan (the origin of Wuyishan black tea) due to the difference of regional environment.But it's a very interesting high  mountain black tea