jin jun mei (floral style ) 2020

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Locaiton: Tong mu guan Ma su village ( 桐木关麻粟村)

Harvest time :2020.3.31th

Feature: Ma su is one of the top village  in tong mu guang (around 1500m height ).Because the altitude is different, so the tea leaves  are also uneven, some are already open side small leaves, some are still small spores. However, the special geographical and ecological environment has shaped the different high quality of tea, such as the fresh and tender tea leaves and the sweet and delicate tea soup. When we make this tea , the tea table seems to be overturned with honey and full of the taste of spring pollen. The brewed  leaves are fresh and flexible, and the tea is round and full, fresh and sweet.


using 3.5g (100ml-120ml gaiwan,by 85-90c water ) 

also can use  the boiling water and steep the tea  not bitter