Dan cong Shuixian (单丛水仙)2021
Dan cong Shuixian (单丛水仙)2021
Dan cong Shuixian (单丛水仙)2021
Dan cong Shuixian (单丛水仙)2021

Dan cong Shuixian (单丛水仙)2021

Size 25g

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Harvest time:2021.4.20th

location :Shen yan village (深垭) about 1000m height in phoenix moutian

Cultivar :Shui xian

Age of tea bush :it is about 150years old

 Roast level : twom times roast ,medium roast

Feature :Shuixian  is the first species in Chaozhou. The other varieties are inoculated from Shuixian . So most of the Shuixian left by farmers are hundreds of years old and some are even  older. Narcissus has another name in Chaozhou. It is called "Langcai浪菜".  Lang cai is actually a technique " name,which means that this Shui xian   raw leaves  has undergone the process of shaking the green by hands rather than mechanical processsing 

Compared with other varieties of Dancong tea, the aroma of the Shuixian is not so high.  People who drink Shuixian  pay more attention to tea body  which is thick or not in taste.

This Shuixian tea body is  quite thick and and very nice Cong wei(枞味) fast sweet-back . It is suitable for keeping  age.

Brewing way :boiling water ,8g for 100-110ml gaiwan .


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