Cloud mist green (云雾绿茶)
Cloud mist green (云雾绿茶)
Cloud mist green (云雾绿茶)

Cloud mist green (云雾绿茶)

Size 50g

Low Inventory

Location : Fujian province   Zheng he County  jingping town(about 1200m)

Cultivar : "xiao cai cha " also named  "tu cha 土茶”

Picking date:2021.April .

 The raw materials used are processed from the local tea varieties in Zhenghe County, Fujian Province. The specialty of the local tea is that the tea has a thicker taste, which is heavier than most green teas. Very obvious freshness, and the sweetness of the tea soup is very good  .

A very good  drink in the summer time  that performs well in a mug, large teapot or gongfu style.   

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