Chi ye (赤叶)

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Location : Phoenix moutian shi gu ping (凤凰石古坪)

Harvest date : 2020 .4.20th 

Cultivar Chi ye (red leaf )

Tea bush age: about  100 years  old 

Feature :

   Chi ye (red leaf ) Dancong tea is a rare variety in Dancong tea. Its growth requirements are very high, it requires high mountains, and it requires a cloud ring in the morning and evening.

The tea tree is basically in a state of pollution-free primitive wild growth. It is planted on relatively barren yellow sand and soil. Because the soil is relatively barren compared to pastoral management, the color of the tea is lighter and yellow. After careful processing, the finished tea is not like Other oolong bar teas are so black and shiny, but brownish yellow, so local tea farmers also call it red leaf tea.

The tea soup made by Dancong red leaf tea is bright and bright, honey-colored and oily, with excellent honey fragrance, sweet and nourishing tea, and long-lasting sweetness. Spring tea is yellow-brown in color, uniform, slender, tastes sweet, smells incense, and has The fragrance of nectar.