Ba Xian 八仙 2021
Ba Xian 八仙 2021
Ba Xian 八仙 2021
Ba Xian 八仙 2021
Ba Xian 八仙 2021

Ba Xian 八仙 2021

Size 25g

Low Inventory

Location :  Ya hou  垭后 village  in Phoenix moutian (about 800m )

Picking date :2021  Spring 

Cultivar : Ba xian  Cultivar 

the bush age: it is around 80 years bush

Roasting :  3times roasting  ( Medium Roasting   )

                   The first time roast on 1st May

                   The second time roast on 10th of June

                   The third time roast on  27th of August



Feature :   The Eight Immortal is a late-growing variety, which is the latest one to be picked among other dancong cultivar .In 2021, my  family Eight Immortal were picked on April 22nd.  This Baxian we have a total  4kg final tea .

On May 1st, we used the oven to bake this Ba xian at a temperature of 90 degrees. Then 8 hours. The purpose of the first roasting is to roast off the miscellaneous flavors on the surface of the tea. Then dry the water on the surface of the tea leaves ,but still keep the  bottom leaves  green


The second roasting time was charcoal roasting time on June 10th: the temperature was 105 degrees, and the roasting took 16 hours. During the whole roasting period,  we turn the tea  every hour. The temperature is relatively high, allowing the tea to roast thoroughly. Turn the bottom tea leaves to dark green. Use charcoal fire to drive away the bitterness in the tea. Change the tea soup more smooth and color of the tea soup more clean and bright .

This tea tea soup is smooth. Elegant aroma. Mellow taste,  very obvious congwei 枞味(old bush taste ).


using 7-8g by Gaiwan  ,100degree boiling water ,can last at least 10infusions .

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