Fan Shu Xiang (Sweet potato scent)番薯香2018

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Location: Xia Hu 下湖 mountain, about 900m

Harvest date: 5/3/2018

Cultivar: Fan Shu xiang cultivar (Vaccinated from the Shuixian cultivar)

Age of bush: over 150 years old

Roasting level: Using Litchi charcoal by the traditional wuyi wulong roasting style, so the roasting of this tea is higher than most of other dancong. Medium roasting but no smoke left in the taste.

Feature: Organic tea garden, the specific Volcanic-ash soil nurtures one of the worlds' most complicated teas. The color of the dry leaves are close to wuyi oolong, with a darker color than other dancong. My husband used wuyi wulong's processing way to process this tea. A very strong woody fragrance in dry leaves. The tea soup is quite clean and sweet. The Chaqi (tea energy) is very powerful. For now... this roasting level is quite suitable for storing and aging.