2016 Lapsangsouchong (hundreds year of old tree)百年老枞

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This 百年老枞 was harvested in 2016 .And stored in Chaozhou for 4years already .

This tea bushes are  primitive wild tea growing in Wuyishan National Nature Reserve with an altitude of 1500-1800 meters

Tea trees of this age, the stem of tea are covered with green moss, a look of vicissitudes. Although the tree is tall and luxuriant, its yield is not high, and it has high requirements for the growing environment.

This  lapsangsouchong  looks like Wuyi rock tea. The tea soup is golden yellow. When you sip it into your throat, you will feel sweet. Its water fragrance is like the integrated fragrance of fruit, honey, flower, potato, etc. It smells fine, and its nose is full of the fragrance of empty valley and orchid. The tea is fresh, sweet, long and refreshing, making people feel as if they are in the vast virgin forest. The taste of the tea soup is stable. After 8infusions, the taste is still full and sweet. The bottom of the leaves is bright and stretch, and it is very fresh.