2015 Bai mu wang 牡丹王

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Location : Zheng he county zhen qian town Fujian province 

Harveste time : 2015 ,spring  ( pressed into cakes in 2017 )

Cultivar :Zheng he Da bai (政和大白)

Feature :

 Not all Bai mu dan  can be called Mu dan wang .The standard for Mudan wang  picking is one leaf, one bud and short buds. White tea has been popular in the market in recent years. Because of its natural and unique withering technology, it retains the most primitive tea leaves to the greatest extent. Flavor and antioxidant substances are becoming more and more respected by people. The buds are full, the fragrance is obvious, and the raw materials are picked carefully and strictly.

Traditional sun-tanning process Variety of fragrance levels, with dry and rich fragrance, elegant and soft floral fragrance, sweet and charming fruity fragrance.