Tea -Comparison

Tea -Comparison

Size 63g

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Cultivar :Shui Jin Gui

Harvest time :2021.5.10th

Location :  Da Shui Keng  Garden

Processing : Processing by- hands in Oxidation step .

 About the  Roasting Level of Wuyi Oolong ,in Wuyishan Tea Circle we have our own professional sayings about the fire level : such as  Qing huo (轻火light fire ), Zhong qing huo (中轻火 Medium-light fire ,between the Qing and Zhong )   ,Zhong huo (中Medium fire), zhong zu huo(中足火,medium -full fire )Gao huo (高火 high fire)


Different roasting  level  determines the different styles of tea, and sometimes even make you wonder if it is the same tea.

Firstly they are the same tea ,with 3different roasting level

                   2times roast ( light fire)    (21g , 3 packets)

        3times roast(meidum -light fire ) ( 21g 3 packets )

               4times roast (meidum fire )   (21g   3 packets )

through the dry leaf ,and the wet leaf ,and tea soup color to compare the difference  .  After cupping to understand the "aroma " between  light fire and meidum fire  .

This tea has been in the wilderness for several years in our own tea garden in Da shui keng, and we don't pick it. This year we picked it, and then in the step of Oxidation , we used hand shaking to do the Oxidation ,in this step ,I think my husband did it well ,this tea withouth any bitter ,even you steep it longer .It retians a very fragrant fragrance ,and  garden ecology is very good ,so the tea soup with very sweet taste , like (fruit sweet)


  Really worth a try to understand  deeply about the wuyi oolong roasting fire levels

Note: "for this shui jin gui , we think the  medium fire is the most perfect, so we didn't try the medium full  fire and high fire ,and the  4times roast is also the same 2021  Shui jin gui  which we sell on my site "

for this tea I packed them  into small size bag each bag is 7g