Dan Cong from Chaozhou

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Dancong, one of the famous Oolong tea in China, growing in the Chaozhou city Feng Huang town on Feng Huang Mountain. The most famous growing location of Dancong is Wudong village located about 1200m.T here are many ancient tea gardens there.
Chazohou is the birth of the Kongfu cha. All the people there drink tea from old time to now. MY husband told me: They call tea "tea rice 茶米”. It means the tea is as important as rice in their daily life, it is necessary. A family with 3 people, one month at least 500g tea.  Most of the dancong tea from the Phoenix mountain was consumed by local Chaozhou people.

For the tea farmers in Phoenix mountain, they do not so worry about the selling, the well-crafted tea really has a good market now. In China more and more personal drinkers come to farmers directly, most of them would like to spend  300usd  on 500g   good quality tea and do not like pay 300usd on 2kg so so tea.

And the price of dancong goes up sharply .Especially those form Wudong village, the tea price is like the price of Wuyi in zheng yan location and the Puer in Lao banzhang village.

Of course, it does not mean all the tea from the Wudong village is extremely good quality. Sourcing suitable tea is very important. Suitable for your taste, and suitable for your pocket.

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