Zheng he gong fu black tea 2021
Zheng he gong fu black tea 2021
Zheng he gong fu black tea 2021
Zheng he gong fu black tea 2021

Zheng he gong fu black tea 2021

Size 25g

Low Inventory

Harvest date:2021.Spring

  Location :Zheng He county zhen qian town  nan keng village (about900m)


   Cultivar:Da bai cultivar

 Picking standard : One bud and one leaf

    Feature :

 Zhenghe Gongfu, produced in northern Fujian, is one of the three major gongfu teas in northern Fujian (including Tanyang gongfu and Bailin gongfu). The producing area is mainly Zhenghe County. In the middle of 19th century, politics and gongfu flourished, with an annual output of tens of thousands of tons, and then gradually declined and almost disappeared. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, production resumed, but the output was less.I

n Zhenghe County, mountains overlap and rainfall is abundant. Tea gardens are mostly opened in old forests on gentle slopes, with fertile soil and lush tea trees. Zhenghe Gongfu black tea mainly uses Zhenghe Dabai tea and Xiaoye species. The black tea made from fresh leaves of Da bai cultivar  is rich in flavor, which is the top product of Gongfu in northern Fujian.  

  We used Da bai cultivar to process this black ,the finished tea strips are fat, heavy and uniform, with black and oily color and golden buds, which is quite beautiful; The aroma is rich and sweet; The soup is golden in color and mellow in taste, which is not only suitable for gongfu style , but also suitable for blending with sugar and milk. The finished tea has tight and round shape, red and thick soup color, high aroma and sweet taste, and fat and red leaf bottom