Old bush lapsangSouchong 老枞小种 2021
Old bush lapsangSouchong 老枞小种 2021
Old bush lapsangSouchong 老枞小种 2021
Old bush lapsangSouchong 老枞小种 2021

Old bush lapsangSouchong 老枞小种 2021

Size 25g

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  • Location: Gua duan village of Tong mu guan (around 1200m )
  • Harvest date: 2021.April 24th 
  • Cultivar: Wuyi Cai cha Cultivar 
  • Age of bushe: over than 100years old 
  • Feature:    The centuries-old Lapsang souchong  a native wild tea grown in Wuyishan National Nature Reserve at an altitude of 1200-1400 meters above sea level. This variety of tea tree has been 100 years old, from tea root to  the tea stems are covered with green moss and look like a vicissitudes of life. Although the tea tree is tall and lush, the output is not high, and it has extremely high requirements for the growing environment, so the centuries-old Lapsang souchong is extremely precious. The tea raw material is picked from the wild old tea  bushes   growing on the original ecological tea mountain at high altitude in the nature reserve,
    This tea  has a big  shape, like the strip of Wuyi Yancha. The tea soup is golden in color and sips into the throat, giving a sweet and fresh feeling. Its water, fragrance, taste like fruit, honey, flowers, potatoes and other mixed fragrances are smelled carefully, and the nose is full of empty valley fragrance. The tea is fresh and sweet, with a long throat rhythm and a refreshing heart, which makes people feel as if they are in the vast virgin forest. After 8 infusions the taste is still full and sweet, the leaf bottom is beautifully stretched, and the show is very fresh .
  • brewing method
    Heat the brewing water to boiling and brew directly. The centuries-old lapsang souchong  grows in more than 1,200 meters of high mountains, and its slow growth cycle makes it resistant to high temperatures and brewing. It can brew more than 10infusions  and the quality is stable, and the soup aroma continues.

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