Wild Jin Jun Mei (fruity style ) 野生金骏眉  2022
Wild Jin Jun Mei (fruity style ) 野生金骏眉  2022
Wild Jin Jun Mei (fruity style ) 野生金骏眉  2022
Wild Jin Jun Mei (fruity style ) 野生金骏眉  2022

Wild Jin Jun Mei (fruity style ) 野生金骏眉 2022

Size 25g Refill bag

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Location: Tong Mu guang  Gu wan keng  (桐木关 古玩坑)

Harvest date: 2022.April .9th

Cultivar :WuYi Qi zhong  (about 80years old bush tea tree )


     Jinjunmei tea, a branch of Zhengshan Souchong in black tea, originated in Tongmuguan, Wuyishan City, Fujian Province. black tea. When Jin Junmei was just launched on the market in 2005, the price was very expensive at that time. First of all, the raw materials of Jin Junmei are picked from single buds of tea leaves for processing. A skilled tea picker can only pick up to 750g of fresh leaves a day, and about 2,500g of fresh leaves can be processed into half a kilogram of finished tea. Then, the production is completed after a series of complex processing steps such as withering,  fermentation, and rolling ,drying. The whole process is carried out by hand.

   Tongmuguan belongs to the Wuyi Mountain Nature Reserve. It is a mountain with an average altitude of 1,100 meters. There are 12 natural villages. Our raw material base, Gu wanKeng, is one of these 12 natural villages. The raw materials of Tongmuguan are relatively scarce. In addition to the labor cost and the increase in production cost, the price of  Jin Junmei from Tong muguan has increased year by year. Compared to Jin Junmei in the same  field  of  2021, the tea soup is much  thicker. A very prominent feature is that the tea is very full, thick, and very sweet, just like drinking honey water. A sweet, very clear and elegant Jin Junmei.

No matter if you use boiling water, Or  how long you steep the tea leaves will not  be bitter,


 put 3.5-4g into 100ml-110ml Gaiwan

( using 85-90C water is the best ,even if you used boiled water ,they still donot turn any  bitter )

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