Shui jin gui (water turtle 水金龟)2020

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  Location: Zhong gu yan (钟鼓岩)
Harvest time: 2020.5.5th
Roasting level: 3 Times Roasted, Medium roast level 
Feature:  Shui Jingui is one of the four famous trees in Wuyi Mountain. It has a long history of planting in Wuyi Mountain. Shui Jingui dry tea has tight strips, green-brown color and strong dry fragrance. Pyrotechnics generally use medium-foot fire, and the degree of fermentation is the traditional process standard. The soup is orange-yellow and slightly reddish, with a mellow taste and sweetness. The aroma is characterized by multiple levels of change, and almost every infusion has a different aroma. The first is the tangy frankincense, and the second is the more elegant floral and fruity scent, leaving a fresh scent similar to zong leaves at the bottom of the tongue. sweet back is quite strong , throat rhyme is good, rock rhyme is obvious.