4 Dan cong  Oolong
4 Dan cong  Oolong

4 Dan cong Oolong

Size 32g

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Dan Cong oolong tea is really a feast of taste. There are various fragrances, different varieties have different fragrances, and some varieties have strange names, such as duck shit fragrance(Yashi xiang). I stayed in Chaozhou for 3 months when I gave birth to my eldest daughter in 2014, which was the longest time I stayed in his home after I married my husband. Drinking dancong tea with their family every day, during that time, I got to know Dan Cong better.


This four kinds of dancong tea are the most representative four varieties,

Mi lanxiang (Old bush ), Yashixiang (Single bush ) Xingrenxiang (Old bush )

Baxian (Old bush ), one kind ,one bag .Each bag is 8g ,a total of 32g.

Please refer to Dan Cong Zone for details information of each variety.

Brewing suggestion: I normally like to use boiling ( 100℃ )water to make my  wuyi oolong and dancong Oolong , I pefer to use Gaiwan .Especail for Dancong ,i Would like to smell the cover of the Gaiwan  and at the same time,  I  can clearly see the transformation of the wet  leaf in each infusion ,

So use boiling water ,and 100-110ml gaiwan