Wild Lapsang Souchong 2020

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Location: Tong Mu guan (桐木关)

Harvest date: 2020.April 16th 

This wild lapsang souchong  , We call it as  wild tea, because it does not have a fixed tea garden, just in a hill, and the tea trees are scattered around every corner. Before harvest picking every year, we have to go up the mountain several times to see the growth of the germinated tea tree. Our tea pickers always look for leaves in the weeds when picking this tea garden. I think there should be 2-4 different varieties in this tea. The spring of 2020 is relatively dry, and the germination of tea is also uneven. This year, the output of my wild lapsang souchong  is 20% less than last year.

Black tea is picked and sorted  by hand, so in terms of appearance, the tea strips are relatively uniform. 

 It was specially selected to pick the tea leaves in the sunny day , and after 12 hours of withering, half an hour of rolling  and then 6 hours of oxidation  The tea has a very obvious natural citrus and creamy aroma,Slightly milky feel  . Tea soup is as sweet as honey water.