Shui Xian ( Floral Style) 花香水仙 2023 Comparison

Shui Xian ( Floral Style) 花香水仙 2023 Comparison

尺寸 50g

Low Inventory


Location:   Qing shi yan (青狮岩)Wuyishan national park

Harvest date:  2023.May

 Bush age: over than 40 years old

Baking level:      L ower-Medium roasting (two times roast )  25g

                                        Medium roasting (3times roast )   25g


The last process of making Wuyi rock tea is charcoal fire. From the tea garden to the tea cup, every process of Wuyi rock tea is closely related. We cannot say which step is the most critical, but if we must name the most critical step, I think It should be two processes: fermentation and charcoal roasting. The control of fermentation will greatly affect the grade of the finished tea (for example, whether the aroma is high or not, and whether the taste is thick or not. I personally always think that fermentation is the most important part of the rock tea production process. the essence part). Charcoal roasting is the positioning of tea style. Because we are for the public, some people like heavy roasting and some like light roasting, so in order to cater to different needs, we have several different roasting styles for the same tea.
I personally think that as long as the tea production process is in place, it can be roasted at a high temperature or at a low temperature. It just depends on what style of Wuyi rock tea you like.

This is the comparison set with Shui Xian  cultivar two different roasting styles , Let you understand how the roasting change the tea style .