Lao Jun mei 老君眉 2020

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Location :  Jiu long ke (九龙窠)

picking date: 2020.5.10th 

roast level ; 3times roast 

Tea bush: over than 100 years old 

Feature :

     Laojunmei is currently a rare species in Wuyi Mountain. It is also rare to grow in the Zhengyan(wuyi protected area) and then  old bush .in 2020 spring we bought  60kg fresh leaves  and processed them .After processing ,Maocha sorting and roasting ,, we only get  5 kg the final  refined tea.

The scent is relatively restrained, the taste is thicker, the sweetness is very comfortable, the dry tea is very big , the tea soup is bright red, clean and clear, the mouth is smooth and sweet, the foundation fragrance, the distant scent falls in the water , Such as winter plum fragrant, a mouthful of throat, tongue and mouth, it is like the sweet and sour flavor left after eating plum fruit, turn to life, foam resistance, fresh leaf bottom! very obviouse Yan yun ,really good  one to understand the  direct "yan yun 岩韵“”