Gong Xiang 贡香2023
Gong Xiang 贡香2023
Gong Xiang 贡香2023
Gong Xiang 贡香2023
Gong Xiang 贡香2023

Gong Xiang 贡香2023

Size 25g Refill bag

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Location: Nan Keng village 南坑村 of Phoenix  Town of Chaozhou City

Picking date: 2023,April 20th

Cultivar :Gong xiang 贡香

Age of bush : about 35years old tea bush

Roast :  Two times roast

                 The 1st roast : July 28th

                The 2nd roast :August 15th

Feature :

"Gong" is an adjective in Chaoshan dialect, and its transliteration is "high, prominent, gorgeous, and domineering".The natural floral aroma of this tea during the brewing  is quite strong, so it is known for its overbearing and strong aroma. Hence the name "Gongxiang".


🍵 Fragrance type

🍃 Belongs to Zhilan flavor type

Gongxiang Dancong is one of the top-class fragrance teas in Phoenix Mountain. When the finished tea is brewed, the fragrance of flowers is floating and sharp, and the tea fragrance fills the room. It tastes sweet and has orchid fragrance. Some netizens call it "Gonglan贡兰“, so it is assigned to the  "Zhilanxiang" Dancong among the top ten well-known fragrance types of Fenghuang Dancong.

 refreshing, sweet and fragrant, with a unique charm, It has the cool feeling of mint. 

 This is a very relaxing tea, compared with my  strong and powerful Milanxiang.        


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