2017 Bai mu dan


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Location :Zheng he County ,zhen qian town  of Fujian province 

Harvest time:2017.(Spring  pressed into  cake in 2019)

Material:Zheng he Da Bai (大白)

Amount : 150g 


 This Bai mu dan 白牡丹 is the raw material in 2017, and we pressed it into a cake in 2019. A cake  of 150g. It is a model of chocolate, which is convenient for customers to use. The standard for tea picking is one bud and two  leaves . It is located in the high-altitude production area of Zhenqian Town in Zhenghe of Fujian province  The tea mountain is about  1,200m , surrounded by clouds and fog, and the ecology is excellent. Pure natural tea。The tea has a very natural fragrance and floral fragrance. After more than 2 years of aging, there is no green and astringent taste, and the tea soup has a thicker feeling. The tea is also very sweet and sticky.