Jin Mu Dan 金牡丹 2022
Jin Mu Dan 金牡丹 2022
Jin Mu Dan 金牡丹 2022

Jin Mu Dan 金牡丹 2022

Size 8g

Low Inventory

    Location :  Liang Hua Peak (莲花峰)

Picking date: 2022.April 28th

    Roast level :   Medium

                          The 1st time roasting:23th of June

                        The 3rd time roasting :  10th of August

Feature : Golden Peony is a new type of tea developed by the Fujian Tea Research Institute in the 1970s, with Tieguanyin(铁观音) as the female parent and Huangdan (黄旦)as the male parent.Growing in the protected area of Wuyi Mountain,the soil is rocky and rich in minerals  .The soil is loose, conducive to water transportation

The dry tea sticks are tightly tied, the color is dark and the aroma is restrained. The tea soup is orange-red and bright, the soup is clear and transparent, and the tea aroma is perfectly integrated into the tea soup. The entrance is smooth and thick, the rhyme of rock surrounds the throat, the sweetness is long-lasting, and the lips and teeth retain fragrance. Smell the fragrance of the bottom of the cup, such as honey, the hanging cup is long-lasting and full of tea.Very obvious taste of ripe peaches