Huang Guan yin 黄观音 2021
Huang Guan yin 黄观音 2021
Huang Guan yin 黄观音 2021

Huang Guan yin 黄观音 2021

Size 25g Refill bag

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    Location :Cheng dun 程墩

picking date : 2021.4.25th

Rosting level :Medium roasting (3times  roast)

                      the first time roast :16th of June 

                       the second time roast: 20th of July 

                        the third time roast : 23th of August 

    Huangguanyin is a nationally approved oolong tea variety. It was bred by the Tea Research Institute of Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences from 1977 to 1997, using Tieguanyin as the female parent and Huangdan as the male parent. It was bred through single plant selection by hybrid breeding.

Mother Tieguanyin: His ancestral home is Anxi, Fujian. He was born in a famous family. In the tea industry, it is recognized as one of the top ten famous teas.
Male parent Huangdan: Huangdan is the name of the tea tree species, and the tea trade name is Huangjingui. It is another finest product of oolong tea with a style different from Tieguanyin. It is originally produced in Luoyan, Anxi County.
Two: The characteristics of Huang Guanyin
Huangguanyin tea trees belong to the small tree type, middle leaf type, and early-growing species. The tree is taller, half-opened, with dense branches and horizontal leaves. The leaves are oval or oblong, with yellow-green color, shiny, raised leaf surface, flat leaf margin, flat body, blunt tip, obtuse and shallow teeth, and thick leaf texture. In Wuyishan, Huangguanyin rock tea is often called its breeding number 105, which means that 105 basically refers to Huangguanyin of rock tea (North Fujian) craftsmanship in Wuyishan. If the degree of fermentation is lighter, the floral fragrance is revealed; if the degree of fermentation is more severe, the fruit fragrance is born. The taste is mellow and sweet, which is unique among the Wuyi rock tea varieties. The bottom of the leaf is bright and soft, with green leaves and red borders.


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