Ba xian (eight Immortals ) 八仙 Dancong 2020

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location :  Ya hou  垭后 village  in Phoenix moutian (about 800m )

picking date :2020  Spring 

Cultivar : Ba xian  Cultivar 

Roasting : 2times roasting  ( light roasting   )

Feature :  Ba xian Dan cong, also known as "eight immortals crossing the sea八仙过海“” was a tea farmer from "qu zai liao去仔寮” village to take large black leaves 大乌叶for cuttings, the surviving eight tea seedlings were planted in different geographical conditions of the tea garden, after growing up, still maintain the original mother tree's fine seed. Because it is like "eight immortals across the sea, each show his own powers" general, so named "eight immortals across the sea", later referred to as "eight immortals dan cong". 

 This ba xian  dry tea  tight  ,heavy, black with brown, oily, uniform. Dry tea with a floral aroma, accompanied by a fire aroma, a persistent aroma.

The color of the soup is bright orange red, slightly scattered fire taste, obvious sweet flowers,  the soup body is thicker.