2020 Silver Needle


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Location: Zheng he Fo zi shan (佛子山) about 800m
Harvest time: 2020.March 28th
Feature: Fozi moutian is located in zheng he county (政和县).Zheng  he county is next to  Fuding .It is about  1hour driving .Both Zheng he and Fuding are famouse white tea growing areas in Fu jian province . This graden we call it as wild garden (荒山)  . The tea bushes growing scatterly ,and together with the other tress, so our pickers need to enter the forgest and find out the tea bushes and pick the small buds .A skilled picker  normally only can pick 2-2.5kg per day .And 2.5kg fresh leaves only can be processed into 0.5kg finished tea .

  it is  quite freshe and sweet ,and with very unique aroma .For the white tea ,normally some months keeping will change the tea soup more rich and thick and mellow