4 Jin Jun Mei
4 Jin Jun Mei
4 Jin Jun Mei

4 Jin Jun Mei

Size 60g

Low Inventory

Four kind of Jinjunmei   with different flavors,all named Jinjunmei ,but with different features ,honey style ,floral style , fruity style , 

 They were all processed in black tea style ,but different cultivar ,different growing environmant can have totally different result ,

1: Honey Jin Jun Mei (蜜香金骏眉)

2: Floral Jin Jun Mei (花香金骏眉)

3: Fruity Jin Jun Mei  (果香金骏眉)

4:Pollen Jin Jun Mei   (粉香金骏眉)

All the tea is  from 2022 harvest and the information of each product is available in the black tea area. This is an experience outfit, 4 kind of tea ,each kind with 3 bags ,each bag is 5g. A total of 60g