Ba Xian 八仙  2022
Ba Xian 八仙  2022

Ba Xian 八仙 2022

Size 8g

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Location :  Li Zi Ping (李仔坪)   in Phoenix moutian (about 1200m )

Picking date :2022 April 27th

     Cultivar :  Ba xian  Cultivar 

the bush age: it is around 80 years bush

Roasting :   Medium Roasting 

                       The first time roast on 28th June

                     The second time roast on  25th August


 Feature :  This tea tea soup is smooth. Elegant aroma. Mellow taste,  very obvious congwei 枞味(old bush taste ).Can last at least 10infusions .

      Suggestion :6-8g / 100 ml, 95-100C. 

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