Qi  Dan 奇丹2022
Qi  Dan 奇丹2022
Qi  Dan 奇丹2022
Qi  Dan 奇丹2022

Qi Dan 奇丹2022

Size 8g

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Location : Qing Shi Yan (青狮岩)

Harvest date: 2022.May 12th 

Roasting level : 3times roasting   (medium roasting style )

Feature :

    There are only six mother trees, Dahongpao, which grows on the steep cliff of Jiulongke in Wuyishan Nature Reserve, and it is regarded as a rare treasure (as for the taste, I haven't tasted it). In order to ensure its good growth, since 2006, Wuyishan municipal government has banned picking and implemented special protection and management, so Dahongpao mother tree tea has become an extinct product. In the early 1980s, the asexual reproduction of the mother tree Dahongpao was successful; In 1995, Fujian Science and Technology Commission organized experts to identify that Dahongpao, which was asexually propagated, kept the excellent characteristics of its female parent, and could be widely popularized in the specific ecological environment of northern Fujian.The asexual propagation of Dahongpao refers to the individual cutting propagation (asexual propagation) cultivation from the branches picked from the parent tree Dahongpao, and planting in Wuyishan scenic spot and the surrounding environment. Because its origin, production technology and quality characteristics are similar to those of the parent tree Dahongpao, it is defined as pure Dahongpao, whose scientific name is Qidan.In wuyishan we get used to call qidan as "Pure bred da hongpao "纯种大红袍。

  The shape is curved, dark brown or dark green. The ropes are tight, compact, clear and bright. The fragrance is floral and fruity, while the fragrance is strong and long, w. It may be like peach, orchid, osmanthus, frankincense and so on. The taste is mellow, smooth and refreshing, with a unique "rock rhyme".

The bottom of the leaf is soft and bright, with green and red edges, or with red dots on its margins. meantime with some like rougui "s spicy aroma .