Aged da hong pao brick 2015


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This is the material of 2015 but we pressed this into 100g brick on 5th of Nov of 2020  It is a Dahongpao (DHP) blend and all the material is from within the Zheng Yan area! 

there are shuixian ,rougui ,tieluohan ,qilan ,meizhan  these 5 cultivars  blended together .

Medium roasted with a punch and good viscosity. This is a well processed tea.

when you make this tea ,you should use boiled water,  and take off a small square .At the beginning first 3 infusions ,no much taste come out but after 3 infusions,, you taste will come out fast .if you like the light taste ,you donot steep the tea  should poure out the tea soup soon ,.