Ya shixiang 鸭屎香 2020

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location :Ping keng tou (坪坑 头) of Phoenix  moutian  about 800m 

picking date: 2020.spring 

Roast level : meidum roast .

age of the bush : it is about 70 years old 

feature :Ya shixiang (duch shit)  belongs to a variety in the Phoenix Dan Cong. The original maternal manager was an old tea farmer Wei Chunse(魏春色) in Pingkengtou Village. Because the maternal line was planted in "duck dung soil" (yellow soil, a soil rich in minerals) Here, it was discovered by Wei Chunse when it was unnamed. During the discovery period, Wei Chunse also cultivated and produced this tea alone. He found that the tea was made with a sharp aroma and a strong milk flavor. It was a rare good tea. In the following years, he carried out large-scale breeding. Later, someone drank his tea and found it to be good, so he consulted the name of the variety. Wei Chunse was afraid that they would steal the mother tree, so she lied that it was ya shixiang in english  Duck Shit ((before this, this mother tree was not named at that time) . This tea has a good bottom quality and is suitable for the mass market. Then it was spread by the people in the town, and it multiplied in large numbers. So now everyone is called duck shit.

Yashixiang bred from Pingkengtou, so the original place of Yashixiang  was Pingkengtou Village, about 3 kilometers away from Wudong Village, the Top village in Phoenix  moutian .

 The tea is relatively thick and belongs to the large-leaf tea. When you pick it up, you can smell the dry tea. The aroma is tangy, and the charcoal roasted can clearly smell To the natural milk fragrance, this fragrance is very popular among tea lovers