Mi tao xiang 蜜桃香( Honey peach Aroma )2020

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Location :Shi gu ping 石古坪 village in the Phoenix moutian about 1100m 

Harveste date : 2020 .4.3rd 

Age of Tea bush : Over than 80years old 

Roast level : 3time roast 

                  The first time roast :  2020.June 1st 

                  The second time roast: 2020.Sep.6th 

                   The third time roast : 2020 .Nov.10th 

Feature :

The mountain farm of this tea is located in the core tea plantation of the high mountain at an altitude of 1100 meters in Phoenix moutain 

The soil is volcanic ash, rich in minerals and high in nutrients.

Exquisite processing technology, this tea fragrance changes from the floral and honey fragrance at the beginning to the rare peach fragrance. The traditional method of charcoal culture not only has a level of appearance, it is oily and shiny. The smell of dried tea also has a peach and charcoal fragrance. After opening the package, the fragrance of dried tea has been unbearably raised, sweet and sweet. Cluster out. The dry tea sticks are tightly rolled, tightly shaped and beautiful. Tea is also more durable, durable, and less likely to turn green. After the water boiled, I lifted the pot and rushed down, and the fragrance of tea burst out, a deep and restrained charcoal incense carrying sweet and moisturizing air, intertwined and lingering, and the fragrance was overflowing for a moment.

The tea soup is bright and clear with peach-colored orange powder. Sip the tea soup lightly, the mouth is smooth, the tea soup tastes mellow and refreshing, with a clear peach fragrance. Under the fine taste, the soup is warm and moist, with a sweet and soft taste. The aroma is rich and full, especially the first few bubbles, the sweet peach aroma is very obvious.

The throat rhyme is soft, strong body feeling, and the mountain rhyme is outstanding