old bushes Shuixian (老枞水仙)2018

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Location: Hui yuankeng 慧苑坑 (typical wuyishan National Park garden )

Harvest time: 2018.5.7th 

Baking level : 4times roasting ,medium roasting style 

Age of the bushes:around 100years old  

Feature: Hui yuan keng is very typical location among other zheng yan gardens ,the garden is surrounded by the huge Rock , the soil of the lands with numerous minerals .The tea land is very loose ,very good for the tea garden air and water circulation . ​ This tea bushes is about 80years old ,all from hands work ,hands picking ,hands sorting ,so the tea with intact tea leaves , using charcoal fire to roaste them , from July to December ,already 4times baking (interval time) .My family 'roasting skill is in conformity with lower degree of fire but long time on the roasting stove . now this pile laocong shuixian with deep soup ,super smooth ,long sweet-- back lasting ,and good aroma .