Bai ruixiang 2020(白瑞香)

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location : Qing shi yan (青狮岩)

Harvest date :2020.5.2nd

Roasting level :3 times roasting 

                      The 1st time roasting:23th of June

                      The 2nd time roasting :  26th of July 

                       The 3rd time roasting :   28th of August

Feature : 

Strip: Tight, uniform, medium length and thickness, with sandy green color.

Tea dry fragrance: honey fragrance, orchid fragrance.

the aroma : Orchid fragrance, pure and distant, sharp and slender.

Tea soup: Tea soup is clear and bright, orange-red.

Taste: Tea taste is mellow and pleasant, sweet and lasting, no impurities, obvious throat rhyme, lips and teeth fragrance, sweet back to Shengjin, a slight cool feeling on the bottom of the tongue.

Water fragrance: The water is fragrant, mellow orchid fragrance.