High moutian cloud-mist green 高山雨雾绿茶

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Location : Fujian Zheng he County Fo 8.zi Moutain  (about  800m)

Cultivar : "xiao cai cha " also named  "tu cha 土茶”

Picking date:20202.April  8th 

Our family is not specialized in making green tea, but since 2015, we  make a small quantity  every year. Most of them are customers who firstly  place the order  and then we start production and processing. The raw materials used are processed from the local tea varieties in Fozi Mountain, Zhenghe County, Fujian Province. The specialty of the local tea is that the tea has a thicker taste, which is heavier than most green teas. Very obvious freshness, and the sweetness of the tea soup is very good  .

A very good  drink in the summer time  that performs well in a mug, large teapot or gongfu style.