Gaocong Shuixian - Tall Shuixian

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Location: Shui liandong (水帘洞) inner of wuyi national reserve

Harvest date: 5/10/2018

Baking level: 4 times baking, Medium roasted 

Feature: A tall Shuixian and the old bush Shuixian are both Shuixian cultivars, but the difference is in bush age. Shuixian generally between 40-60 years old are called tall Shuixian (gao cong) and Shuixian that are older than 80 years are called old bush Shuixian. Compared to ordinary Shuixian that are less than 40 years old, the tea of the tall Shuixian is sweeter, and the tea soup has a distinct taste of old numbers with a touch of moss.