Advanced Baimudan 2018

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Location: ZhengHe county  FoZi Shan (about 800m)
Harvest time: 4/3/2018
Feature: Zheng he county is one-hour drive far from Wuyishan. Zheng he 政和 and Fuding 福鼎 are the two most famous places for the white tea producing area in Fujian 福建 province. The picking standard, one bud and one leaves is higher grade than Normal Baimudan 白牡丹. Pre-qing ming material makes the tea thick and rich. 

Process exclusively via sun-drying, this tea maintains the leaves natural essence. Sweet, mellow, and strikingly floral. Really good for cooling the body in the hot summertime. Perhaps try brewing in a mug, "grandpa style".