Beidou (北斗)2019

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Location: Tianxin yan (天心岩)

Harvest date: 5/12/2019

Roasting level:  2 times roasted, Medium roasting

Feature: Beidou is considered as the puer  dahongpao 

Speaking of the relationship between Beidou and Dahongpao, we can not do without a predecessor, Yao Yueming(姚月明)

From 1953 to 1955, Yao Yueming(姚月明), along with two old tea experts from Ye Minggao(叶鸣高) and Chen Shu sheng(陈树省), conducted a survey of Wuyi Famous Ming cong in Wuyi .

During this period, Yao Yueming cut several long spikes from the mother of Dahongpao and cut them behind the laboratory office. Two of them have survived.

Beidou Peak (北斗峰)is called Beidou No. 1 (北斗一号), Jiulongke (九龙窠) is called Beidou No. 2(北斗二号). The trial production results of more than ten years have proved that the excellent rate is very high, the aroma and flavor are highly appreciated. It was planted in large quantities in the late 1990s.