High-end Wild Jinjunmei 2019

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Location: Tong Mu guan (桐木关)

Harvest date: 2019.4.1th

Feature: Many tea friends know my family Wild lapsang souchong ,Because  every year we have very stable quality .For this garden normally we start to pick the tea leaves around 15th of April ,at that time all the leaves already turn open ,lapsang souchong 'picking standard .In 2019 Spring we picked some early buds to process into Jinjunmei .It is an experiment of my family ,the result is  too exciting.

The tea soup is very  Soft with strong  Milky flavor,like fruit juice .Bright and golden color .It is really an high-end grade Jinjunmei ,worth a try .

put 3.5g into 100ml-110ml gaiwan

( using 85-90C water is the best ,even if you used boiled water ,they still donot turn bitter )